Kingfisher launched GoodHome, a new international brand and trialling a new store concepts

Kingfisher, the home improvement company, has launched GoodHome, a new international brand. GoodHome will provide a simpler way of helping home improvers, their helpers and professionals, with projects, big or small. GoodHome products and services will be available online and in B&Q, Castorama and Brico Dépôt stores throughout the UK, France, Poland and Romania.


This move marks the latest step in Kingfisher’s transformation. Over the past three years, the business has unified its supply chain, developed new products and services, and invested in an improved digital and omnichannel experience. With GoodHome, this innovation now becomes visible to customers for the first time.

The new brand aims to shake up the home improvement market by offering unique products and solutions that are design-led, high quality and affordably priced. All GoodHome ranges are designed to make things simpler for customers, with a focus on the 11 most common home improvement projects.

A new GoodHome store concepts

The business is also trialling new GoodHome store concepts, including an express format. This convenience store will provide a new way to shop for the most frequent home improvement projects, as well as an effortless digital shopping experience, and inspiration and advice from a team of skilled colleagues. The first has now opened in the UK at Wallington, near Croydon, with more express store trials to open in the UK and France later this year.

GoodHome is the result of years spent observing people’s lives in homes of every shape, size and period all over Europe. Conversations with thousands of people across 10 countries showed how important our homes are to us, but also revealed how stressful and complicated home improvement can be, how often it can go wrong and how unaffordable it can be for some.

The GoodHome brand will tackle these common customer problems by delivering the following:

New solutions. In-house designers will use deep customer insight to create innovative new products and services that help to make the home improvement journey simpler and easier.

Great value. Through economies of scale and smart design, the business will provide high quality products at everyday low prices, helping to make the best solutions accessible to everyone.

Know-how. There will be trained experts in store to support home improvers and break down the know-how barrier. The business has created a GoodHome Academy to train colleagues.

Simplicity. The aim of GoodHome is to always simplify things for customers. From creating digital tools to help with planning a project, to products that are easy to use and install. Examples include a tap you can install with a simple click, to flexible bathroom furniture to fit in any corner.

Sustainability. GoodHome is green inside and out so our products have sustainability designed in from the start, such as low waste taps and air-purifying paint. It is also our commitment to support our community, so we will also use our time, skills and resources to make home improvement accessible for those who need it most.

Véronique Laury, CEO of Kingfisher:

“People’s homes are important to them. They want to make them as good as possible and feel proud of them. But all too often home improvement can be complicated and stressful, a nightmare. That’s why we want to shake things up and do home improvement in an entirely new way.

We saw this opportunity three years ago and re-thought every part of how we operate. We started to build the engine and create the conditions for a new, innovative customer experience. GoodHome is the exciting next step in that transformation. The point at which it becomes concrete for customers.

GoodHome is our new international home improvement customer proposition, based on deep customer understanding. It stands for all our changes – it stands for simple, sustainable, unique and innovative solutions that last and which are affordable. GoodHome is the name we put on everything we are doing to make home improvement accessible to the many, not the few: our new product offer, new services, new store concepts, our training centre and our new charitable foundation.” 

From May 2019, GoodHome products and services will be available online and in B&Q, Castorama and Brico Dépôt stores throughout the UK, France, Poland and Romania.

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