Another 3 Praktiker stores will be close. After rebranding, Brico Depôt will count 35 stores in Romania

After closing the Praktiker stores in Bucharest – Voluntari, Bacau, Ploiesti and Focsani, following the Kingfisher’s acquisition of the Praktiker network and then the rebranding of Praktiker’s portfolio in Brico Depôt, Kingfisher will close another 3 Praktiker stores in Pitesti, Brasov and Arad. One Praktiker store from Timisoara was closed in december 17 but will be open on february 15, 2019 under Brico Depôt brand. Once the rebranding is complete, the Brico Depôt network will count 35 stores in Romania.

Brico Depôt

Thus, on December 24, 2018, Praktiker stores in Pitesti, Brasov and Arad are closing. After this date, consumers are invited to visit „the old” Brico Depôt stores in the same cities. More than that, between November 29 and December 24, 2018, the 3 Praktiker stores in Pitesti, Brasov and Arad are in stock liquidation, with 50% discounts on some of their products, within the available stock limit.

The Praktiker store from Timisoara Giroc (DN 59, km 8+550, Chisoda, Comuna Giroc, Timisoara, Timis) was closed in december 14 and will be open on 15 february, 2019 under Brico Depôt brand. In the mean time, the customers are invited to visit the other Praktiker store from the city, situated in Aristide Demetriade street, nr. 1 – 3A, Timisoara, Timis.

Kingfisher closed Praktiker stores in the cities where 2 or more units are very close or in the cities where 2 stores from the same retail brand is too much.

It is not excluded that on this sites, the new Home Improvement Homelux brand could open new stores. Homelux has already opened in Ploieşti and Focsani, on the site of other 2 former Praktiker stores.

35 Brico Depot stores in Romania

After announcing the exits from markets like Spain, Portugal and Russia, Kingfisher relies on the Romanian market, trying to further strengthen the operations in our country. The British retailer no longer has any reason to close other Praktiker stores, so that after the rebranding is completed, in the spring of next year, Brico Depot Romania’s cumulative network of stores will count 35 stores.

Started in September 2018, the rebranding process will be completed by the beginning of the spring season, so in the first part of 2019, Kingfisher will operate the entire Romanian network under the Brico Depôt brand.

Brico Depôt

Brico Depôt Romania is part of the Kingfisher Group, the largest DIY retail group in Europe, which officially entered into the local market in 2013, after the acquisition of the Bricostore chain. The company has renamed the newly acquired chain of stores, which has become Brico Depôt.

In August 2017, Kingfisher also bought the network of 27 Praktiker stores in Romania.

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