Retailers and manufacturers must collaborate and work together to find practical solutions

EDRA/ GHIN – European DIY Retail Association (EDRA), Global Home Improvement Network (GHIN) and HIMA – the leading associations representing the entire home improvement sector – recommend that retailers and manufacturers to collaborate and work together to find practical solutions.

retailersFollowing the rapid escalation of the COVID-19 outbreak around the world, and especially in Europe, EDRA/GHIN and HIMA take this opportunity to remind all stakeholders that fair and constructive business partnerships are a necessity in these turbulent times.

COVID-19 is having an unprecedented impact on supply chains around the world. In order to maintain a steady supply of goods to consumers globally, retailers and manufacturers must collaborate and work together to find practical solutions.

In their joint statement both John Herbert, General Secretary of EDRA/GHIN, and Ralf Rahmede, General Manager of HIMA, have highlighted that solutions that consider all parties have to be sought. Moreover, they are convinced that the home improvement industry should aim to reduce disruptions caused by COVID-19 as much as possible and act as an example to other industries.

John W. Herbert, General Secretary EDRA/GHIN, stated:

Our members around the world are confronting the impacts of COVID-19 through store closures, restricted opening hours and difficulty in keeping goods stocked, to name a few impacts. Suppliers and retailers must come together in this extremely difficult time.” 

Ralf Rahmede, General Manager HIMA, expressed:

“This is a challenging phase. Our members are working around the clock and pursuing all methods to ensure supply chain disruptions and bottlenecks are avoided. Working multilaterally is the best way to overcome any obstacles. We sincerely encourage everyone to stay fair with each other and to respect contractual agreements.”

Home Improvement stores should also be classified as essential retail

In the other statement, EDRA / GHIN said that „we passionately believe that home improvement stores should also be classified as essential retail. Our members’ stores sell essential items such as electric, heating and plumbing equipment that customers require access to.

Moreover, many home improvement stores also sell products that are currently in high demand (bleach, cleaning products/disinfectants, face masks etc). Finally, as Governments are increasingly appealing to the global population to stay at home, it is even more important that these homes are functional and present a safe and secure living environment”.


EDRA/ GHIN is the voice for the home improvement industry globally. Today EDRA/ GHIN represents 214 home improvement companies operating over 32,000 stores in 74 countries.


HIMA, former fediyma (European Federation of DIY Manufacturers), is an international network of over 1000 suppliers and manufacturers of home improvement, DIY, gardening, building materials and furniture industries across the globe.

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