Registrations open for the Global DIY Summit Amsterdam (June 10 – 12, 2020), the largest DIY event in the world

Registrations have opened for the most important international event dedicated to the DIY, Home Improvement & Gardening sectors – Global DIY Summit – to be held on June 10 – 12, 2020 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. publication is for the 6th time the only media partner for Romania at the largest DIY event in the world. Take advantage of the early bird offer to purchase tickets, with a 20% discount.

Global DIY Summit

At its 8th edition, the Global DIY Summit 2020 is the event where retailers and manufacturers in the DIY, Home Improvement & Gardening industries from around the world have the opportunity to exchange important views on current and future developments on the global DIY market but also make contacts that can lead to the start of new international trade relations.

This congress is being jointly hosted by the two leading European DIY professional organisations – EDRA (European DIY-Retail Association) and fediyma (European Federation of DIY Manufacturers) and the first global representation of interest of DIY trade, ghin (Global Home Improvement Network).

Tickets, prices and registration at Global DIY Summit:

Global DIY Summit expects to receive over 1,100 delegates from 50 countries to attend the Summit. Where 100+ participants are industry consultants, 550+ are suppliers and manufacturers and 350+ are retailers. Here is the profile of the participants in the 2019 edition: www.

The event’s motto is „The New Normal: Adapting to a Rapidly Changing World„. Our world is changing at an accelerating pace. In fact, we can say that disruption is now the new normal. In this business landscape, if companies want to at least survive or even thrive in the present or in the near future, they will need leaders in this world of disruption.

Personalisation (using data to deliver personalised experiences), the future of Marketplaces (and the rise of digital ecosystems), Open Inovation concept (creating a collaborative culture in business), The age of the responsability (beyond CSR) and Retail Trends in Global Home Improvement, in 2020 are the main topics/ themes of the Global DIY Summit 2020 event.

Global DIY Summit event, to be held in the Dutch capital, at the RAI Amsterdam complex. it has a conference component but also an exhibition component, with about 60 – 70 exhibition stands.

The program and the confirmed speakers so far:

“EDRA and GHIN are delighted to announce that in 2020 the Global DIY Summit will welcome a record number of retailers, especially from Asia”, said John Herbert, General Secretary EDRA/GHIN.

“With so much choice, and with a growing number of channels in which to purchase, manufacturers and suppliers need to innovate like never before. To achieve desired business results, suppliers and manufacturers need to maximise strategic cooperation with retailers. Our Global DIY Summit creates perfect atmosphere to innovate together”, said Ralf Rahmede, General Manager fediyma.

“Our  global  networking  event  is  the best  place  to  expand  your  knowledge  of  the  industry’s breakthrough innovations and to get inspired from leading international tech-companies”, said Iñaki Maillard, General Manager Global DIY Summit.

Many Executive Managers from all over the world have already registered for the networking event of the home improvement industry.

Tickets, prices and registration at Global DIY Summit:

Global DIY Summit

Global DIY Summit is the world’s largest networking event dedicated to the global DIY, Home Improvement & Gardening market. publication is for the 6th time the only media partner for Romania at the largest DIY event in the world.

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